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Creamy to light yellow and brown in color, Montana Agate is implanted with the diverse forms of moss. The structures of moss are most commonly black, brown, reddish or white. Montana Agate is extracted from the regions of the Yellowstone River along with its feeders. It is scientifically proved that the volcanic activity in the region causes the establishment of this magnificent agate. The piles of lava put forth by the volcanoes of the shallow inland ocean sources a reason for the emergence of Eastern Montana.

 Montana Agate brings peace and stability to the emotional body. It is especially helpful to those who experience extreme mood swings and those addicted to emotional drama in their lives. It soothes volatile tempers and promotes patience, wholeness, and inner calm. It releases deep-seated fear and stresses, expanding one's personal space and growth. It stimulates a good self image and strengthens positive personality traits, including the ability to get along with others. An optimistic stone, Montana Agate is helpful for those suffering from difficult life circumstances, depression or brain imbalances to find hope and trust, and to keep trying.

Also, Montana Agate is a stone of growth and improvement. In the workplace, it draws new business and gradual expansion, increasing prosperity over time. It is good for small businesses and the self-employed, and a fortifying crystal for financial institutions. It is an excellent stone for convalescing after illness, or in recovery from addictions. It enhances mental concentration, persistence and endurance, making it useful as an aid in physical exercise programs, therapies, or body building. It brings new friendships, and worn as jewelry or placed over the heart at night, will attract new love or the re-growth of former love.

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