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Pink chalcedony encourages kindness and all good qualities. Brings out a sense of childlike wonder and willingness to learn new things. It also supports love, sympathy and kindness. It brings out a willingness to learn new things. It is a creative stone that encourages story telling. Pink chalcedony is a spiritual stone that encourages empathy toward others and inner peace. It helps people with trust issues. 

Pink chalcedony promotes compassion, heart opening, and heart maturity. It honours the oneness of all life and the sacredness of all that lives. This stone will make you aware of the suffering of others and of yourself. Pink chalcedony enhances peace and harmony within, self blessing and women's self image.

The crystal is wrapped in silver filled wire, sold with a silver plated chain and a white organza ribbon.

Dimensions (approximate):
pendant: 1.5 inches long, 0.75 inch wide
chain: 20 inches 
ribbon: 16 inches

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