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She came to me one morning
One lonely Sunday morning
Her long hair flowing in the mid-winter wind
I know not how she found me
For in darkness I was walking
And destruction lay around me 
From a fight I could not win
- Uriah Heep

Black Onyx is associated with self control, decision-making, intuition and protection. It releases stress, absorbs negative energy of people and promotes emotional well-being.Also, it is believed and used to forget about past relationships and focus on the present and the future.

This jewelry set is designed to highlight the mystique and mysterious part of the owner's personality. It is elegant and can be used for all the important occasions where black dress code is preferred.

The set contains: 
- earrings
- pendant
- silver plated delicate chain
- black organza ribbon 

Dimensions (approximate)
Earrings: 3/4 inch long 
Pendant: 1 inch long

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